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  • Values can changes on the basis of the pellet used. These results were obtained using certified pellet according to EN 14961-2  A1-A2. Values can changes on the basis of wood used.
  • It is very important to consider that the potential volume to heat is strictly linked to the insulation of the house (energetic class), to the plan of the building and to the climatic area, so these results may differ more or less according to these aspects. (Heat transfer coefficient = 37 W/m³)
  • Before purchasing the appliance ask your reseller for all the relevant information concerning its installation (see user’s guide)
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes without previous notice.
  • Colors reproduction is indicative. The shades and characteristics of the coatings may vary slightly.
  • The value of the heatable volume is indicative: for a correct sizing of the generator, it is necessary to contact a qualified technician/engineer.
  • Before purchasing, ask your dealer for all the information regarding the installation of the appliance (see the user manual).
  • The images and technical data contained in this document are to be considered only representative of the aesthetic and descriptive part of the product, and do not therefore constitute indications for its performance or technical characteristics.
  • Majolica is an artisan product, the two weeks processing cycle allows to obtain an exclusive product being strong and with an extraordinary thermal conductivity. Small imperfections on its surface such as microdots, quibbles, and varying shades of color are features that prove the product is handmade and every piece is unique. Before buying, ask your reseller the information regarding the device installation (See user manual).
The unauthorized use of the Thermorossi’s advertising catalogues is prohibited.

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